We start to bait sites the end of April for the spring hunt and mid July for the fall hunt, continuing up to the start of your hunt.

Our spring hunts start the 3rd week of May till the 15th of June.

Fall hunts run from early September ( Tuesday after Labor Day) till the end of the month.

Once you are hunting, baits will be provided daily and the hunter baits their site to minimize human scent in the area.

The day of your arrival you will be orientated to your site to ensure you are comfortable and have some knowledge of the general area around your stand.

Typical time to hunt is form around 3pm. till dark.

Once you harvest your bear, we will help with retrieval, transporting, hanging, and assist in skinning your animal.

IN the spring it is illegal to shoot a cub or a sow with cubs.

Although in the fall hunt it is legal, we do not allow anyone to shoot cubs or a sow with cubs of the year.

We work hard before, and while you are here to provide you with what we hope is a successful hunt and a returning guest.